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In this episode of IOL Radio, we spoke with Jason Levy, MD, lead investigator of the OPuS One trial, to learn more about the study results.
Osman Ahmed, MD, FCIRSE, discusses the recently published LEGACY Study, which confirmed Boston Scientific’s TheraSphere™ as a neoadjuvant or standalone therapy in treating hepatocellular carcinoma. Dr Ahmed also offers his thoughts on interesting…

In this video, Dr Ripal Gandhi discusses his experience with the TriNav™ Infusion System, including challenges, benefits, effectiveness, and more. Watch this short video to learn more about this simple, trackable, and compatible technology used…

Dr DeNittis discusses NuView Life Science’s VPAC1, a peptide platform that detects the overexpression of specific receptors that appear only on the surface of malignant cells for early diagnosis and therapy of cancer.
IO Learning invited Dr Nishita Kothary to discuss her 2020 SIR abstract, “Comparison of Drug-Eluting Beads versus Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolization: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.”
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