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Dr DeNittis discusses NuView Life Science’s VPAC1, a peptide platform that detects the overexpression of specific receptors that appear only on the surface of malignant cells for early diagnosis and therapy of cancer.
Clinical Insights
Dr Gaby E. Gabriel and colleagues present a 63-year-old woman with bilobar hepatic metastases. PET-CT scans with Gallium-68 dotatate radiotracer imaging illustrate the patient's diagnosis and subsequent treatment with Varian Embozene microspheres.
IO Learning invited Dr Nishita Kothary to discuss her 2020 SIR abstract, “Comparison of Drug-Eluting Beads versus Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolization: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis.”
Clinical Insights
Dr A.J. Gunn and colleagues discuss their approach to liver-directed therapies for transplant-eligible and near transplant-eligible patients at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, Alabama.
Dr Matthew Callstrom and Dr Alda Tam present cases on Periacetabular Tumors and Oligometastatic Disease from the CIO “Cases I Should Be Doing” series.
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