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LSN Receives FDA Clearance For Virtual Liver Biopsy Software

LSN Receives FDA Clearance For Virtual Liver Biopsy Software


Birmingham, Ala. Nov. 16, 2020 – AI Metrics, LLC, a medical imaging startup focused on leveraging artificial intelligence to improve patient care, announced today that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted 510(k) clearance for the company’s LSN (Liver Surface Nodularity) module. This first FDA clearance represents a significant milestone for AI Metrics, where researchers have been seeking new ways to use CT scans for virtual liver biopsy. 

LSN’s proprietary algorithms process CT images of a patient’s liver to assess the nodules along the liver surface.  This low cost, low-risk, non-invasive procedure provides physicians with new information that may aid in the staging of CLD. Improved staging of CLD is vital in optimizing treatment and monitoring response in patients. 

“We believe that LSN offers unique benefits and has the potential to become the standard of care for patients with CLD,” said Dr. Andrew Smith, CEO and Founder of AI Metrics, LLC. “Standardizing a proven quantitative approach helps establish a common language with the treatment team, which ultimately helps patients,” Smith added. 

AI Metrics breakthrough technology represents a tremendous cost savings opportunity for health systems by eliminating the need for patient fasting before liver assessment. Today, significant numbers of missed and rescheduled appointments occur when patients fail to adhere to pre-procedure fasting. In addition, LSN eliminates the need for high cost surgical biopsy or specially adapted MRI or ultrasound equipment. 

LSN is being distributed by Imaging Biometrics, LLC (IB), the makers of IB Neuro™, which entered into a global distribution agreement with AI Metrics earlier this year.

About AI Metrics 

AI Metrics is an early stage company creating transformational image analysis technology that positions radiologists to be the most efficient, valuable clinicians in the patient care continuum. Founded by emerging radiology leader Dr. Andrew Smith, the Company is developing AI-driven innovations to enhance workflow speed and reduce costs, while improving data quality for clinical and research efforts, and ultimately, for improved physician collaboration and patient care and communication. For more information about AI Metrics, visit the company’s website at  Media contact:  Bob Jacobus, COO 205-440-2980.

About Imaging Biometrics

Imaging Biometrics, a subsidiary of IQ-AI Limited (LON:IQAI), develops and provides visualization and analytical solutions that enable clinicians to better diagnose and treat diseases with greater confidence. Through close collaboration with top researchers and clinicians, sophisticated advancements are translated into platform-independent software plug-ins which can extend the base functionality of workstations, imaging systems, PACS, or medical viewers. By design, IB’s advanced visualization software seamlessly integrates into routine workflows. For more information about Imaging Biometrics, visit the company’s website at

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